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The decision making process during construction can be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most important things you can do is bring in an Interior Designer early in the process. Often, the furniture layout is an afterthought leaving critical livability details unattended such as additional lighting needs, switching, outlet placement, etc. With a little extra pre-planning and forethought, you won’t end up with a living room that “If we had only made it 3 feet wider, we could have…or, If we had put that window here rather than there…” Intracoastal Interiors has been brought into many homes where these thoughts have been expressed and would be more than thrilled to share our insights with your project.


Our Design Process


The first step to any good design is getting to know your client. We will conduct an initial consultation to learn about you and your needs and wants. Existing conditions and measurements are documented carefully and we discuss how your ideal space should function for you. A scope of work is generated that outlines what we’ve learned, and then we can easily define the design services needed. Finally, we discuss coordinating all the details of budgeting, contracting, and scheduling so we can begin to fulfill your design dreams.


Now for the fun part! We use the information gathered in your design consultation to provide you with a space plan that  optimizes flow and function, and we dive into color concepts, art, and inspiration. The best designs can start from a favorite shell collection or a beloved painting. Intracoastal Interiors designs rooms that speak to your soul. We exemplify how these concepts are carried out with the thoughtful selection of furniture pieces, fabrics, lighting, and finishes that make you feel good and want to truly live in your space. For the finishing touch in the design process, we put together a mood board to help you visualize how all our finds will fit together. This board is sure to be your prized possession as we move into the final phase…


Our traditional interior design services include complete execution of your design plan, from initial consultation until the last pillow has been fluffed. We oversee each step from ordering product, communicating status updates, scheduling subcontractors, and making sure your design dreams are realized without you having to lift a finger. It is such a privilege for us to see the transformation of your space and help make the process a fun and enjoyable one.


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